They know their craft…
“Jeff and Allan Fazendin are great to work with and tend to attract clients that are looking for exceptional performance and attention to detail. They know their craft. Every project we have with them goes seamlessly and flawlessly. They do their homework ahead of time so there are no surprises along the way. Their skills and craftsmanship make them a standout in a talented market of competitors, and their personalities and ethics make doing business with them a distinct pleasure.”
–Tom Charles
Owner, Cutting Edge Woodworking

An excellent customer…
“Fazendin Brothers has been an excellent customer of ours since August 2000. As the account manager for the Breckenridge Building Center, I have really enjoyed working with everyone in their organization. The relationship that we have had has slowly turned into new friendships and new business alike. Fazendin Brothers has been a strong loyal customer. We really
appreciate every opportunity to serve them.”

Kari Marco,
Account Manager
Breckenridge Building Center

A pleasurable experience…

“I would choose them in a minute. They made building a house a pleasurable experience. We interviewed 8 other builders but with them, the comfort level was there. They were constantly thinking of ways to make our home better. They regularly sent us photos of what was going on. We could always get in touch with them and it was a fabulous experience. They were so honest and even when we added extra stuff, it was never a problem. It’s been five years and they’re friends for life. They will follow through forever and a day. I would use them again in a minute.”

Regina Sherman,
Houston, TX homeowner
Breckenridge, CO homeowner

Impressed by quality…

“Everything about them has been terrific. We went to see a house that they had built and were impressed by the quality of what we saw. They, on their own, determined the design of our house was too narrow and it would have made a big difference had they not done that. What they did was significant. Had I not changed builders, I would have built it at the dimensions originally set. They’re honest, they lived up to all our expectations -­ or better -­ and they are the only builders I know who are hands-on builders. That makes a tremendous difference. They know how to do things so they
age correctly. We’ve had our house built for a long time now, and we have neighbors whose floors were never cured and their logs are cracking. The more time we spend around my house, the more I appreciate the quality of their work.”

Jerry McCarthy,
Pompano Beach, FL homeowner
Copper Mountain homeowner