Highly Recommended…

“Our experience was absolutely incredible. We’ve built a couple of houses before with different contractors, and there isn’t any comparison. In fact, we liked their work so much they’re now building two houses for us in Texas. We trust them, and the fact they would be willing to build houses for us in Texas is going above and beyond. They’re easy to work with, their attention to detail is just amazing and they complement each other nicely. They’re extremely helpful when the owner doesn’t know how to make a decision, and they are experienced enough to guide us along the way. We highly recommend them.”

Ann Bullock,
Southlake Texas homeowner
Colorado homeowner

Sound financials…

“We were walking through the Summit County Parade of Homes and we knew immediately: ‘Whoever built this house is going to build our house.’ We found out who the builder was – Fazendin Brothers – and now we’re all friends. We clearly understood the way our contract was going to work, and they were very good about our bottom line. Usually, you want to add 15 or 20 percent to the bottom line, but they didn’t come back on us. We had a choice between two or three builders. We stayed with Fazendin Brothers because the other guys wanted to do the contract differently. We like the stipulated sum approach. We can’t say enough good things about them. I don’t think they could have happier customers.”

­Pat and Bob Feurriegel,
Dousman, Wisconsin homeowners
Breckenridge, CO homeowners